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Date : 10/18/2016
Technology style inspired by animals
Many people refuge in nature for peace, achieving a sense of security and improvement of mental faculties. But it is interesting to know that technologies which people use throughout their lives are somehow a kind of inspiration from nature and animals. So it is not surprising that some technologies are designed and implemented in accordance with animal welfare patterns.
Date : 10/18/2016
Is expectation of housing conditions boom in the second half of year 95 right?
While some forecasts showed that the housing section - which is in recession for more than three-year - will experience a boom eventually in the second half of 95, the stroke in housing transactions in the last month of summer created this concern that the growing trend of this section has stalled.
Date : 10/18/2016
Chinese poor fish!
Tilapia farming which is known as the poor's fish in the World Trade, was stablished in Iran. This subject was announced yesterday in a press conference by Hassan Salehi, head of Fisheries. "This fish is produced in Yazd and in the absence of access to open water so it does not pose a risk to other species. But that's not all", he said.
Date : 10/18/2016
historical record of Iran's wheat production was beaten.
Wheat production has been reached to 14.5 million tons since the beginning of this year so far. Reaching to this number is unprecedented; in such a way that the Deputy Minister of Agriculture has informed of historical record production of wheat in the country.

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